About Response Solutions

Since its founding in 1988, RSI has earned and maintained its reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner of businesses with custom envelope needs.

As experts in envelope sourcing and logistics, RSI maintains a network of paper suppliers, envelope manufacturers and printers who can produce anything from the standard business envelope to one-of-a-kind designs with special substrates or dies.

RSI also maintains a close working relationship with the United States Postal Service to assure compliance with latest postal requirements and standards. Plus, RSI shares your concern for the environment. We offer many envelope options that are made from post-consumer waste and/or are recyclable. We also follow the practices recommended by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and other sustainability groups.

Corporate headquarters is in the heart of America - Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What We Believe

  • Always identify and understand our customers’ exact envelope needs
  • Excellence in our production process
  • Favorable prices
  • On-time delivery

Underlying those four simple points, however, are 35 years of experience, a network of the nation’s top envelope manufacturers, the negotiating power of volume purchasing and an obsessive commitment to customer satisfaction.

Who Uses RSI?

  • Advertising Agencies/Marketing Companies – We make sure their creativity is reflected exactingly and executed within turnaround times that others might call impossible.
  • Direct Mailers – They can count on us for fast production of high volume orders and envelopes that run well on high-speed inserting equipment.
  • Commercial Users – We are a single source for all their envelope needs, whether for standard statement or stationery applications or specialty envelopes in unusual materials.
  • Educational and Philanthropic Organizations – We offer quality and price.
  • All Customers – We work hard at making their lives easier.

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