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A Custom Window: Saving Money and Time

Arvest Bank’s Tulsa Region wanted its personal bankers to be able to act on responses to its direct mail campaign as quickly as possible, knowing that sales and conversions often depend on timely response. However, the responses had to come back in an envelope because customers had to supply personal information. It would be cumbersome and cost prohibitive to print a response envelope for each personal banker. Response Solutions offered a simple answer: Replace the reply envelope address with a window, and then image the reply address on the response form. When the customer inserted the form, the personal banker’s address showed through. The bank saved money, the personal bankers got their leads and their customers got great service on their requests. That’s a win in every possible way.

The Situation

Arvest Bank’s Tulsa Region was launching a direct mail effort with a response device that required personal data that should not be mailed “uncovered.” The bank also wanted responses from customers of a particular branch to go directly back to that branch.

Business reply envelopes addressed to each branch created a whole set of complications:

  • The costs of separate plates and press setups for each address
  • Additional mail shop costs for sorting and separately inserting each batch
  • The increased potential for mail shop error
  • Potential for excessive spoilage

The Solution

RSI came up with a simple and effective solution: Replace the address on the reply envelope with a window, then image the branch address onto the back side of the response form, where it can show through the window in the reply envelope.

The Outcome

The solution worked perfectly. The mail shop processed the entire run as one batch with no starts and stops and with no possibility of a mismatch. Arvest’s customers were able to send their responses directly to the location that would service their requests.

The Customer's Takeaway

"We have come to rely on Response Solutions, Inc., to help us creatively solve envelope problems. Their input certainly saves us money, but it does more. It helps us do our jobs more effectively and in the long run, serve our customers better."

Debbie Barbe
Marketing Director
Arvest Bank

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