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Bullseye Database Marketing was all set to mail more than 600,000 pieces for a brokerage service client. The pieces were printed, addressed, inserted and ready to mail. Then the phone rang. There was a rate change, and an insert that gave the old rate needed to be pulled. Bullseye was able to salvage some pieces of each mailing, but the envelopes, which typically took weeks to produce, were a total loss. They called Response Solutions. A few phone calls and three days later, Bullseye received replacement envelopes — in time to make the scheduled mailing date and make one very worried client very happy.

The Situation

Bullseye Database Marketing of Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializes in building direct marketing programs that deliver great results for a number of clients, mainly in the highly demanding and competitive financial services category.

They were all ready to mail one prestige mailing for a major client. All 660,000 pieces were inserted, sealed, and ready to go. Then the client called with a problem. Their competitor had started offering a new, lower rate. The insert with the client’s higher rate was now outdated. What, if anything, could be saved? How quickly could the revised piece go into the mail? Could Bullseye still hit the target date?

The main issue was how quickly could new #10 carrier envelopes be produced—these were four-color envelopes printed and converted in three separate processes. Such envelopes often take weeks to produce.

The Solution

Bullseye called RSI, for help. Using our network of resources, we found available capacity on high-speed printing and envelope manufacturing equipment. Within a matter of hours, the new run was underway.

The Outcome

The 660,000 four-color replacement envelopes, of the same high quality as the original order, were delivered to the mailing facility within three days—in time for Bullseye to hit its target date and earn the thanks of a very pleased client.

Was this performance an exception? No, it’s the rule at RSI. By knowing the industry, keeping tabs on available capacity, and working hard for our clients, we make exceptional service an everyday occurrence.

The Customer’s Takeaway

"There's a reason we use RSI, and it's this: They always come through for us. We're in an unpredictable world of constant change. Partners that help us react quickly and effectively are necessary, but not always easy to find. RSI is just such a partner, and they are an invaluable asset."

Mark Jennemann
Bullseye Database Marketing

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