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1.7 Million Envelopes Get The "Wow" Factor

StoneHouse Marketing wanted something truly different and truly classy for their client’s loyalty card mailing. As one of their best customers, the client—a major hotel chain— deserved nothing less. They had presented many options, but had yet to get that coveted “wow!” Then RSI came up with a carrier that was unique – a printable clear plastic envelope that met postal standards and was machine insertable. It was printed in several versions to identify loyalty levels and was an unmissable standout in the mail. Wow!

The Situation

As a leader in customer loyalty management, StoneHouse Marketing Services in Norman, Oklahoma, has a stellar client list including top hotels, restaurants and retailers. Its clients demand exceptional service and creativity—demands that StoneHouse Marketing unfailingly meets. But one upscale hotel chain’s elite customer program mailing had proven to be a challenge. The client asked for a unique carrier envelope, one that would grab the recipient's attention immediately.

They had pulled out all the stops with paper envelopes in past years, using preview windows, special die cuts and high quality stocks. This year, with 1,700,000 pieces to mail, they were looking for something truly new and different. The solution had to be unique, creative, and it had to show off the insert within. What about plastic?

Several ideas were floated and rejected before RSI entered the picture: Shrink wrapping was out; plastic bags were out— and time was running out. They were on the verge of recommending a return to paper, but then they met with RSI and got a reassuring reaction, “We’ll find just the right carrier—we promise.”

The Solution

Without magic wands, but with a superior network of resources, RSI found a great solution—a true poly envelope that combined a high quality look with production versatility. In total, the run consisted of 1,700,000, 6" x 9 ½", 4.5 mil polyethylene envelopes that were machine-insertable and were approved by the United States Postal Service. Furthermore, enhanced flexographic techniques permitted the use of up to seven ink colors, allowing them to vary the look by loyalty level.

The Outcome

StoneHouse Marketing's client was thrilled. The outstanding carrier exceeded their high expectations for something completely unique and produced a mailing piece that was a true standout in the mail.

A Final Note

While this carrier was not made of recycled materials, it was 100% recyclable. On a custom basis, these carriers can be made from sustainably produced (corn-based) plastic or can be treated to become biodegradable.

The Customer's Takeaway

"Here is one thing we truly appreciate about RSI: When we need an outside-the-box solution, they always seem to be able to come up with something exactly right. In fact, it’s often better than what we had in mind. And when they present a solution, we know it will meet our production requirements, because they've taken production and postal needs into consideration."

Brian Mortensen
Director of Business Development
StoneHouse Marketing Services, LLC.

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