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Bring us your envelope problems. We’ll begin by asking how the envelope will be used, what will go into it, and how will the contents be inserted – by machine or by hand. Plus, we will work hand-in-hand with your team on ideas and samples to get you thinking inside and outside the envelope. We will give you input from experts who know envelopes—and understand their importance to the success of a mailing campaign.

Great Envelope Selection

We’ll introduce you to a world of special paper and non-paper substrate so your campaign pops out in stack of mail. Try unique choices like plastic envelopes and translucent substrates. Or tough tear-resistant, moisture-resistant stocks such as Tyvek®, HerculinK®, FiberCraft®, Tri-Brite®, ArmorPac and others.

Full Spectrum of Envelope and Production Processes

  • Roll Fed (Web) - Envelopes are die cut, folded, gummed and printed (up to six colors) in one continuous process. With speeds up to 1,600 envelopes per minute, this is the ideal production process for high volume runs.
  • Blank Fed - Envelope die blanks are folded and gummed in one process. This is the perfect production method for smaller envelope runs or envelopes with specifications that require full bleed lithographic printing.
  • Lithographic (Litho) - Highest quality printing process and the ideal method for printing small run jobs that have full bleed specifications.
  • Flexographic (Flexo) - Capable of printing up to six colors with quality that rivals litho printing. Envelopes are printed as they are being manufactured, so this is the most cost effective method to print large volumes of envelopes.

Large Volume Logistics & Fast Turnaround

It takes know-how to manage the shipment of skids of envelopes from place to place, on time and within a reasonable budget. But it's something we do every day, so you can depend on our experience and network of manufacturers to get you consistent quality, on-time delivery and favorable pricing and shipping costs.

Postal Compliance Assurance

It's important envelopes meet postal service standards and hold up well through postal processing. We'll help you keep postage costs down by making sure your envelopes don't get in the way of getting postal automation discounts.

Design Assistance

You can access our design expertise at several levels:

  • Bring us an existing design - We’ll vet it for production efficiency and postal compliance. We’ve saved customers thousands of dollars with small and simple design modifications.
  • Templates - We’ll send you the manufacturer’s exact template for the envelope you have chosen to save designer time and assure accuracy.
  • Custom Ideas - Let us help you find or develop special sizes, shapes, stocks and dies.
  • Team Support - Get backup for your design staff from our envelope design experts.
  • Shopping Support - We will shop a nationwide network for you. It’s like having a team of envelope experts on your staff, without the staffing costs.

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